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Where to Stay

Boylston Provincial Park
Phone: 902-533-3326

DesBarres Manor Inn
Phone: 902-533-2099

Lonely Rocks Seaside Bungalows
Phone: 902-387-2668

Murphy’s Inn
Phone: 902-525-2411

Osprey Shores Resort
Phone: 902-533-3904

Seabreeze Campground & Cottages
Phone: 902-366-2352

Seawind Landing
Phone: 1-800-563-4667


Where to Eat

Big G’s Pizza & Donair
Phone: (902) 533-1886

DesBarres Manor Inn
Phone: (902) 533-2099

Robin’s Donuts
Phone: (902) 533-2993

Where to Shop

What to See and Do