Genealogical Research

Over the last three decades the Society has received many genealogical and research materials including church records – births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, etc., from Boylston, Canso, Guysborough, Manchester, Melford, New Harbour and Whitehead. There is a large selection of books and reference materials such as census records (1817, 1838, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901), A.C. Jost’s Guysborough Sketches and Essays, John Grant’s Historic Guysborough, and Christopher Cook’s Along the Streets of Guysborough as well as numerous complete and incomplete genealogies available for use in the Museum. On occasion members of the GHS are available for genealogical consultation. Members of the GHS may conduct research in the Museum free of charge. The GHS encourages the public to donate books or research they have done to the collection for the use of others.

The Guysborough Historical Society also offers genealogical research services. The fee structure is detailed below. Research requests may be made anytime during the season from June to the end of September by contacting the Museum in person, via phone or email. Staff endeavours to provide research services in a prompt and timely manner. Research requests should be accompanied by a cheque payable to the Guysborough Historical Society or cash payment. Canadian funds are preferred. Research services will be performed when payment is received. Results will be delivered via email when possible.