Events & Special Projects

Guysborough Historic Walking Tour

The Guysborough Historic Walking Tour begins at the Old Court House Museum at 106 Church Street. The tour takes approximately an hour and ends at the Christ Church Anglican Church. From there you can walk down to the Shoreline Trail toward the site of historic Fort Point or stroll back downtown to enjoy our local establishments. You can print the Walking Tour PDF or purchase it for a small fee at the Museum.

Guysborough Student Heritage Projects

Come into the Museum this summer to see heritage projects created by several of Guysborough’s young people.

Guysborough Interpretive Panels

New in 2011, the series of panels describe significant aspects of Guysborough’s history including the historic Court House, shipbuilding, the Canso Mi’kmaq and the early French fortifications on the harbour. The panels are located at the Old Court House Museum and along Guysborough’s scenic Shoreline Trail. For more information come visit the Museum.

Heritage Plaque Project

The Guysborough Historical Society is pleased to announce that historical plaques commemorating the estimated age and the original owner of the buildings in Guysborough and surrounding areas are available upon order. Click here for more information!

Special Interest

New Research Centre Over the Winter 2011,the basement of the Old Court House Museum was renovated to accommodate public research space,the GHS office and staff kitchen. The new Research Centre is now open for use by visitors and the local community to conduct genealogical research,and provides easy and safe access to Museum records, books and archives. In the off-season, the Centre will be available for use on an appointment basis.